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A R T I S A N A L   S P A   T H E R A P Y
Lotions, Potions, Soaks, Scrubs, Masks, Moisturizers, Facial Cleansers, Toners, Makeup and more.
Crafted with pure and wholesome ingredients.  Paraben & Cruelty Free.
Wholesale professional skin care
Wholesale spa cosmetics
Wholesale makeup
Private label cosmetics
Private label skin care
Private label body products
Private label makeup
Natural private label spa products
Natural cosmetics
Natural body care
Vegan mineral makeup
Vegan lotion
Botanical skincare
Paraben free cosmetics
Cruelty free spa products
Petroleum free
Natural cosmetics made in the USA
Natural cosmetics made in California
Professional spa products

 Super Anti-Oxidant with DMAE & Organic Pomegranate Extract 
(For all Normal Skin Types)

~ Crème Cleanser ~
93% Organic / 100% Vegan
(For Normal/Dry Types)

~ Mud Cleanser ~
100% Vegan
(For Combination/Oily Types)

Toner ~
95% Organic / 100% Vegan
(All Skin Types)

~ Serum ~ 
70% Organic / 100% Vegan
(For Combination/Oily Types)

~ Moisturizer ~
86% Organic / 100% Vegan
(For Normal/Dry Types)

Deep Sea Purifying with Seaweed Extract 
(For Congested and Sluggish Skin Types)

~ Gel Cleanser with Activated Charcoal and GSE ~
100% Vegan
(For All Congested and Sluggish Types)

Toner with AHA's~
97% Organic / 100% Vegan
(All Skin Types)

~ Serum ~ 
88% Organic / 100% Vegan
(For Combination/Oily Congested and Sluggish Types)

~ Moisturizer ~
91% Organic / 100% Vegan
(For Dry Congested and Sluggish Skin Type)
Aloha products are proudly made FREE OF: Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petroleum Products, Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates (SLS), Gluten, Nano/Micro Particles, Dyes, Lakes, Carmines, Propyelene Glycol, DEA, Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride.
~ Pure Essential Oils used for ultimate skin therapy benefits ~

~ Made in the USA using pure and natural wholesome ingredients ~

~ Professional Sizes Available for the Spa Industry ~

~ Natural Botanical Vegan Skin Care Formulations ~
 botanical spa products
natural botanical skin care
B O T A N I C A L   S K I N C A R E
Indulge your skin with artisanal spa therapy botanical skincare made from the finest materials.  Our formulations fortify and rejuvenate skin of all types leaving skin looking radiant and feeling nourished. Crafted with ultra pure and wholesome ingredients rich in botanicals, this line is easy to love!

All natural paraben free skin care
Purifying botanical spa skin care
Vegan Botanical Skin Care made with Natural & Organic Ingredients. 
Wholesale and Private Label
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